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Thank you for visiting The Nearly New Shoppe. We sincerely appreciate your business.

The Nearly New Shoppe takes women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing. This includes jewelry, purses, belts, shoes and coats. We also take some small appliances, drapery, rugs, bedding, household decorating items and small furniture.

Please understand our guidelines have been instituted to help us offer the highest quality inventory and the best prices possible. In addition, we wish to be able to offer the most efficient service to you, our clients.

  • All items must clean, in season and in good condition, (no stains, holes or missing buttons)
  • All items must be in style (no older than 2-3 yrs)
  • Clothing items must be clean, pressed, and on hangers. Hangers are available at the store at no charge.

Consignments will be taken Monday through Friday- by appointment only.
Maximum of 35 items per appointment.

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NOTE: The Nearly New Shoppe reserves the right to accept or reject any items brought into the store, at the discretion of store personnel, based on the condition of the article, present stock on hand, and the style and season of the article(s).

Please do not be offended if we cannot accept some or all of the merchandise you bring in this time. We are limited in space and must select only those items which we feel will sell quickly.

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