Consignment Policy

Download our consignment policy brochure

Quality guidelines apply to ALL consignments.

Items initially accepted, but later found to be defective, will be pulled from inventory. The consignor will be notified to pick up these items within 3 working days. Items not picked up will be donated.

Consignment duration is 3 months. Any unsold items remain the property of the consignor. We will hold the merchandise for 2 weeks after the consignor is paid. If the merchandise is not picked up by that time, it will be donated.

Items left for consignment that need washing, mending or pressing will be charged to the consignor at the rate of 50 cents per item.

The Nearly New Shoppe is not responsible for items damaged or stolen while on consignment.

Payment for consignments will be made after all items have been sold or 3 months have expired, whichever comes first. One payment will be made per account. You may also use the credit on your account toward store purchases.

Consignor’s payment is based on 40% of price the item sold for.

At the end of the consignment time, the consignor is responsible for contacting us to finalize the account and receive entitled payment.