Q: How do I make an appointment?

A: Please feel free to give us a call at (406) 256-5363 or stop by the store to make an appointment.

Q: What days do you take appointments?

A: We take appointments Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.  We may be booked for multiple weeks out, so please keep that in mind when scheduling appointments.

Q: Can I bring in clothing for any season?

A: We take clothes in based on the current season.  ie: Winter coats in the winter, tank tops and shorts in the summer.

Q: Do all of my items need to be on hangers when I bring them in for my appointment?

A: Items should be freshly laundered and preferably on hangers or folded nicely.  We will not accept clothing stuffed into large bags or garage sale leftovers.

Q: Do you buy clothing or other items?

A: We only take items on consignment.

Q: Do you have store-wide sales?

A: We have a sale room that is stocked with items that have been in the store for approximately three months.  However, because everything in the store is on consignment, we do not do store-wide sales.

Q: Do you give a senior citizen discount?

A: We do not give a senior citizen discount as everything in the store is on consignment.

Q: What happens to my items at the end of the three month consignment period?

A: You will be able to pick up the items that have not sold when you pick up your check at the end of your consignment period.  If you would prefer, we will donate your leftover items and mail your check to you.